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Even on my very best days, I still find myself stopping to think, “Hmm…is this good enough?” Can you relate?

Good enough. That’s pretty damn hard to measure, isn’t it? Who’s to say if it’s good enough anyway? And the most dangerous slippery slope is when “good enough” gets confused with “perfect.” I know from personal experience that once we start wondering if something is good enough to share with the world, it’s not a big leap to further censor or delay because something isn’t perfect. Oy!

We’ve all got something we want to say, to create, to share. Our job is to put it authentically out there, even before we have external proof that it’s good enough. And certainly without giving one thought to perfection. As a lot of really smart and accomplished people have said, “Perfection is the thief of creativity.”

I see you out there, stepping out in faith, questioning what you really have to offer, and wondering if you're cut out to do all of those big, hard things you told yourself you’d do.

I feel that uncertainty, the quivering hands over keyboards, the hesitation in sending that e-mail or sparking that conversation. And the doubt. But I also see a fully capable, talented, incredible entrepreneur with goals that are just waiting to be accomplished. You, my friend, need to stop stepping out in doubt and start stepping out in confidence. Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE ENOUGH.

For the days I feel a bit unsure about whether all this time, hard work and output is going to get me to the new heights I’m aiming for, I’ll break away from work for a moment and grab a serving of encouragement from another source.

I turn to something I love—a podcast, my favorite pal on Instagram, an inspiring book, a brisk walk with my labradoodles or a playlist with all my feel-good, booty-shaking, positive tracks. (And I must admit I’m really glad I’m not in a big, busy office so I can belt out every note of those beats as loud as I can, wearing whatever the hell I want.)

So, maybe you're looking at your work or that mighty long to-do list or that paycheck that you need to be a little bigger or the inbox that never hits 0, and you're feeling like a failure.

I’m here to encourage you to STOP questioning it: YOU ARE ALREADY ENOUGH.

Pick up whatever task, tools and time you’ve been given and realize you are on track to reaching every single one of your goals. And tonight when you close your eyes and rest your head, may you bask in the fact that you are enough, you have enough, and you, my friend, are doing enough.