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The holiday season is in full swing, and the last few weeks of this year are flying by quicker than my kids can spin a dreidel. Balancing the holiday hustle and your business might have you feeling a little overwhelmed. You may be wondering how you’re going to tackle everything on your plate, meet your goals and manage to stay sane. Lord knows I’ve asked myself the same things. But over the years I’ve learned how to make the most of the merriment while also keeping my biz and biz goals a priority.

Here are my top tips to finish the year strong while enjoying the season

1. Keep a long-term view. If you only focus on the next few weeks, it’s easy to slack off on what’s really important to you personally and professionally. “It’s ok if I don’t do what I committed to do, I’ll get back on track after the holidays,” you might tell yourself. But if you instead think about how you’ll feel in January if you gave this time your all versus how crummy you’ll feel if you don’t, staying committed will be much easier.

2. Maintain your discipline. As an entrepreneur juggling other important things like my marriage and kids and writing and helping my mom and volunteering (phew!), I know how important discipline is. It’s absolutely essential to navigating the holidays and staying on course. This includes scheduling discipline, which means taking the time to schedule everything you need to do, keeping the time you need to move your biz forward sacred. Another must is health discipline because getting enough sleep, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water and fitting in some exercise (even if it’s only a 20-minute power walk) will make you more productive, less stressed and more merry. And then there’s the discipline of saying No. While this season is the time to say yes to social events—you never know whom you’ll meet and what your new contacts will lead to in the new year—you must say No to the things that you really don’t want to attend but think you should (not the dreaded S word!) so you have the bandwidth for your priorities.

3. Don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself. You’ve got to accept that you’re not Wonder Woman OR Santa Clause, and that there’s no way you can do and be everything and still reach your big biz goals and actually enjoy the holidays. Trade hosting an elaborate party where you make everything for a casual get together where everyone brings their favorite appetizer while you host the wine. If you’re in major lady boss mode, don’t even attempt to do the Christmas cookies from scratch; instead buy the bare gingerbread men to decorate. Take the time to check your expectations, and call BS on the things that are spreading you too thin.

The biggest gifts we can give ourselves during the holidays is the ability to be present and stay true to our goals. And the best part is it’s the gift that will keep on giving well into next year.