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So Here's My Story

It’s possible to have all the things that are really important to us. How do I know? Because I’ve done it, and I’ve made it my mission to help other women Have It All too. 

Like you, I’m a lot of things. I’m John Neustadt’s wife. He’s a naturopathic doctor, an entrepreneur and an insanely incredible husband and dad who makes us laugh on the daily. I’m Nate and Bebe’s mom, and it’s the most important job and biggest honor I’ll ever have. These two precocious, vivacious, hilarious humans are growing up way too fast and teaching me as much (or more) than I’m teaching them. My family is by far my greatest achievement and the most important part of my All.

Romi Neustadt Family

I’m a yoga-loving flexitarian who lives for big adventures and everyday magical moments. I’m a world traveler and a total sucker for a gorgeous coastline. As much as I love serving people, I crave quiet time with John and the kids and sacred alone time to recharge. I’m a lover of good movies, good books, a good night’s sleep and sometimes a good long cry.

I’m also an entrepreneur who’s built an enormously successful direct sales business. It allowed this former lawyer-turned-PR-exec to leave my billable-hour career and design a life where I call the shots—when and where I work and who I want to work with. I’m a best-selling author who wrote a book to teach others in direct sales, network marketing and other sales professions (real estate, insurance, fundraising and more) to build a life-changing business too. I’m a speaker and life and business coach who loves to share my hard-earned wisdom on stage in front of thousands, streaming in virtually to hundreds or having coffee talk or a glass of wine with big handfuls of the most driven women who are ready to dream their wildest dreams and are committed to achieving them. 

Romi Neustadt

That’s what I want to teach you. Whether you’re working in the same business channel as I do, an entrepreneur with your own kind of hustle, a professional woman who’s trying to fit more in your day without going crazy, or a stay-at-home mom who wants to build her dream alongside raising well-adjusted humans, I can help you figure out what you want and then how to make it happen. 

I want to teach you how to establish your Priorities and set your Goals. How to say No more often so you can say Yes to what you really want. How to set and keep boundaries, and how to show up as the real you in all parts of your life. And I want to help you adopt habits that will help you in all parts of your life and a growth mindset so you #FFear. I’m a no-BS kind of girl who will always give it to you straight and encourage you to stop BS'ing yourself. I share challenges I’ve faced, mistakes I’ve made and what I’ve learned along the way so you can learn too.


I will help you dig deep, increase your confidence and take more risks. It won’t always be comfortable, but if you’re really paying attention, I just might get you believing that anything is possible for your life.

Let me be clear that I don’t know everything, and like you, I’m a work in progress. I’m still learning and growing and evolving as a wife, parent, entrepreneur, friend and human. I hope all that I share will help you to learn, grow and evolve and one day be able to say you Have It All. Because we all deserve that, don’t you think?

Xo Romi

P.S. If my story connects with you and you want to explore how working with me could help you get closer to the life you really want, click here.

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