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Work with Romi Neustadt

Don’t get me wrong, my life used to be good. Married to my soul mate, two little babies, two-professional household. We were getting by. But I was getting BORED. And we weren’t getting ahead. After a career as a lawyer that just didn’t fit, I was a PR pro for more than a decade and had done just about everything there was to do in that career. I wanted a new adventure. And I was tired of being at the beck-and-call of my clients and hitting my head against an earnings glass ceiling. I wanted to be my own boss, to grow my own thing, but in a BIG WAY. But I didn’t have a ton of start-up capital or a ton of time. 

What I had was a big WHY: to leave the world of the billable hour and build a life with more money, time, flexibility, purpose, balance and possibilities. I was nervous and didn’t quite know how I was going to make this work. But like I’ve always done, I took a risk and jumped way out of my comfort zone and became an independent business owner with a direct sales company. I like to call us turn-key entrepreneurs, because that’s what it is. We get to be our own bosses without having big upfront capital (who has that?), without having to build an infrastructure (who wants to do that?) or without waiting a long time to a return on our investment (who can afford that?).

I built a life-changing business from home and anywhere there’s cell service or Wi-Fi. It allowed me to escape the billable hour and the hamster wheel, own my schedule, put our kids first, earn more from the work I do, pursue my passions and squeeze more out of life every day. Because of my consistent hard work and taking my business seriously (but never ever myself seriously), I've built an enormous global business that eclipses anything I could've done in a lifetime working in law or PR. It also allowed my doctor hubby John to close his clinical practice and focus on his professional passions, and it changed the way both of us work, parent and play. Yes, I worked my ass off, but I did it on my terms, and it was so worth it. And then I wrote a best-selling, award-winning book to teach others how to Get Over Their Damn Selves and build a life-changing business of their own.



Romi Neustadt

And it’s not only what our business has done for our family. I’m equally in love with how it’s changed the lives of the tens of thousands of team members I’ve had the privilege to mentor. From building bigger vacation, college and retirement funds, to building exit strategies from day jobs, or even transformational income, these success stories are proof that a lucrative, fun and rewarding business of your own is possible. Along with becoming more who we were meant to be in the process.  


Our team is still growing like crazy across the US, Canada, Australia and now Japan. And we’re still looking for our kind of crazy (fun, driven, coachable women, men and couples who are willing to step out of their comfort zone to grow their bank accounts and grow as humans). 

Work with Romi Neustadt

If you want to explore what it would be like to work with me and my team, tell me about yourself here, including your background, your dreams and the challenges you face. It’ll be an honor to help you figure out if this could be a good fit for you. 

Not sure? Join the #HaveItAllSisterhood by subscribing here and get to know me better. Even if we never end up working together, I know you’ll learn some things, especially about yourself.

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