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So many of us want businesses that are “on fire”. But I’ve learned it’s pretty damn hard to blow up our hustle if we’re not feeling lit up. In a recent coaching session with a bunch of entrepreneurs, I asked them what’s getting in the way of their success. So many of them said some variation of not believing in themselves. 

They don’t have what it takes to lead others. 

They’ve failed before and don’t believe this will be different. 

They don’t think people take them seriously. 

And on and on.

Yes, we all feel like that (even after we hit the big time). But these are just thoughts and feelings, and the trick is to make them fleeting. NOT definitions of who we are. 

We must tell ourselves a different story about all we are, all we’re capable of doing and becoming. And then go out there, take risks and prove it. That’s how to light ourselves up.

And as for your business you so want to be “on fire”...

Remember, Sister, you’re the MATCH.


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