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I recently got a gift from a dear girlfriend—this coffee mug— because she said it was perfect for “the ultimate Wonder Woman.”

Romi Wonder Woman

What touches me most (besides the fact that she thought of me), is that my wise friend understands being a Wonder Woman isn’t about doing it all in a perfect little outfit with spot on accessories and high heeled boots, without even breaking a sweat. It’s about honoring what’s important to you and understanding that when the shit hits the fan, you’ve got to give yourself grace and get hyper-focused on what’s really important to YOU.

In our carefully curated Insta-perfect world, I don’t think we talk enough about the messy and the misses. So I’m putting the Lasso of Truth on myself to share how last week went.

Here were all the to-do’s on my calendar, all carefully scrutinized to ensure they serve my Priorities and Goals and placed like an expert game of Jenga.

  • Nate getting two molars out

  • Me getting prolotherapy injections on my knees

  • Record an important training for my team

  • Meet a new friend for a walk

  • Various work meetings

  • Various kid-related meetings

  • Chauffeuring duties

  • Deep dive into Clubhouse

  • Clean out my inbox

  • Do volunteer work

  • 4 workouts on the Mirror

  • Dye my roots

  • Help Bebe move forward on her bat mitzvah project

  • Cook 3 dinners

  • Bikini wax

  • Prep a festive Purim celebration

And then came the whole shit and fan part, and my meticulously calibrated ball-juggling got jostled big time: my mom spent the week in the hospital (she’s home now and recovering); Bebe dealt with some middle school drama and really needed her mama; and although Nate’s getting increasingly more independent, he needed me in a major way too.

Thankfully, because of my half-century wisdom and my commitment to practice what I preach and write, when a bunch of the aforementioned balls fell on the floor, I didn’t even try to pick them up. I focused on the most important, absolutely-must-get-done things and let everything else go. And here’s the best part: I didn't feel guilty or apologetic or—and this is the big one—inadequate. Not a bit.

Because another wise woman whom I appreciate more and love more with each passing year once wrote that you can have it all, but none of us can do it all. (Spoiler: that woman is me.)

So I ended last week with a half-assed Purim celebration of take out, sporting an obscene amount of root cover powder and no costume. My new friend has to wait a bit longer for our walk, as does my inbox and the team training. Meetings got rescheduled. Clubhouse and the causes I’m working on aren't going anywhere, and apparently, neither is my overgrown bush. And in spite of all that, I still deserve this mug.

I am Wonder Woman and so are YOU. Because we make it through everything our weeks throw at us, the dropped balls be damned.

Do yourself a big favor and be your own superhero. Look at your to-do list for the week (and every one in all the weeks to come) and make sure every single thing on there—whether personal, professional or extra-curricular—is really a most important, absolutely-must-get-done thing. If it’s not, bump, delegate or delete it entirely. And if you don’t know how to figure out if something is really important, then contact me and let me know so I can help you figure it out.


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