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Remember the days we used to dress up as superheroes and actually believe in our powers as we went out into the world? We had no reason not to. We believed in limitless possibilities and magic.

Why? Because no one had told us yet that we couldn’t do the extraordinary things we thought our superhero alter-egos said we could do. And we weren’t worried if we looked good in the costume because we didn’t yet think our powers were any way tied to how tall or short we were, whether our tummy pooched out or our thigh gap was non-existent.

And then it started happening. The whole life thing. We started hearing that we have physical and mental limitations, and that walking around in a cape just wasn’t appropriate any more. And we believed it. And we started deciding what audacious things we wouldn’t attempt (even though they were things we really wanted) and what outfits we wouldn’t wear (even though they filled us with joy).

What we think about ourselves is who we become. What if you woke up tomorrow thinking you have superhuman powers and your SHE-RO suit came in whatever size you are and it was flattering AF? What would you do? Train for the half-marathon? Take that Chinese class? Audition for a musical in your community theatre? Start a movement?

Then do it! It’s about time we all listened more to our five-year-old self in the slightly ripped and slightly smelly Supergirl costume and less to all the naysayers that have taken up residence in our heads.

I hope you go crank up whatever anthem gives you power (I love Alicia Keyes’ “Superwoman”), throw on whatever makes you feel invincible and then act like you really believe it! KAPOW!


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